Source: Scenery Amiga Scene Guide

14-15.08  Somewhere in Holland 93.
SIH93 was held at Het Kolpingshus in Nijmegen, Holland by White Label and
Reality. There were no power failures, and clean toilets for once :) This
was the first time SIH was arranged; an attempt was made at arranging a
second party the following year, but they eventually had to give up their
plans, and SIH was not arranged again until 1995.

amdemo  1.  Infocorner/Pegasus "Internal Exile Demo".
        2.  Mirage "Chit Chat 10 Intro".
        3.  Raven "Music Disk".

gfx     1.  Facet/Lemon.
        2.  Fashion/Static Bytes and D-Mage/Virtual Dreams.
        3.  Inkey/T.F.A.

music   1.  Nao/Lemon.
        2.  SGP/T.F.A.
        3.  911/Movement.