Solskogen 2007: Smells like scene spirit
Not-quite-official-yet results

Executable music

  1. Glitre by Frequent                              133p
  2. Bassbyter by ?                                   73p
  3. Gimme all your chips by ?                        56p
  4. My boobs are 2k by Duckers and gloom             20p

Oldschool music

  1. Zap by grg                                       64p
  2. Flyt by Esau                                     49p
  3. I has the lead by Little Bitchard                43p
  4. Silence of wind by fby                           37p
  5. Remix by Zarion                                  22p

Streaming music

  1. Exectric sheep by xni                            74p
  2. Funk are us by edzes and malmen                  68p
  3. Master of IDM by Little Bitchard                 35p
  4. My dreams keep me awake by ?                     30p
  5. Blues in mushroom minor by gloom                 22p
  6. We are the overlords by ?                        19p
  7. Butterfly extravaganza by ?                       8p
  8. Dance mission by ?                                1p

Newschool graphics

  1. Eyes wide shut by proteque                      120p
  2. Wakare by Zeila                                 103p
  3. Areyla starstreak by deliah                      55p
  4. I invented mental problems by kusma              18p
  5. Damer by nicomen                                 11p

Oldschool graphics

  1. Pixel noir by dran                              177p
  2. Protectors by Zeila                              53p
  3. tubgirl by proteque                              43p
  4. ninja cat by d-vibe                              24p


  1. Beerputer by darklite                           137p
  2. Oh mother by donjon doxy                        125p
  3. Annen realitet by laban lickers                  23p
  4. Party by team smellkjell                         17p

Combined intro (4k/64k)

  1. Rapo Diablo 5000 by loonies and Ephidrena (5k)  132p
  2. My boobs are 4k by Outracks (4k)                118p
  3. Discotto by nature (4k)                          40p
  4. Three hours by darklite (4k)                     30p
  5. Kjøtt og data by loaderror and kusma (4k)        14p

Combined demo

  1. Perspective by Keyboarders and Boozoholics      175p
  2. I bring nothing to the scene by ruderudy         68p
  3. hkm 14: bris by Hullkort Masters                 40p
  4. Dansemus by Odd feat. BetongApe                  26p
  5. Yes by Boozoholics                               12p
  6. Soopafresh by depth                               2p
  7. LFF by TUFS                                       1p
  7. Kapabel kabel by depth                            1p

Duck Hunt retro-gaming-compo (game B: two ducks)

  1. skydiver                                     498500p
  2. gloom                                        285800p
  3. Watchman                                     254700p
  4. Sesse                                        169500p

Soccer compo


  Excess/Boozoholics    8 - 1     De med jentene
  Ephidrena             7 - 1     PC-skit


  Excess/Bozooholics    4 - 3     Ephidrena