Voting results
               Complete official results edited by Wobba/CRS
                          The Amiga 4k introcompo
   1. 1147pt. Hippie Machinery by Spaceballs
   2. 814pt. Lift Me by Contraz
   3. 766pt. Byte by Ephidrena
   4. 386pt. Monday by Tulou
   5. 338pt. Do The Lambada! by Apathy
   6. 321pt. FlaminDC by Digital Corruption
                            The PC 4k introcompo
   1. 831pt. 4k Intro by Cortex & Zauron
   2. 711pt. Is you schmeck by Sublogic
   3. 595pt. tsetse by rC
   4. 585pt. Kolakola by purple
   5. 581pt. Digital Element by Zien
   6. 561pt. Macaroni Drop by Twaddler
                            The Fast Introcompo
   1. 484pt. Quakearoo by Spaceballs
   2. 275pt. [] by rC
   3. 275pt. Virnen Yo by Hirmu vs rC
   4. 165pt. Kangaroo Love by Cryonics
   5. 110pt. Denne ble laget i full fart by H?vard Productions
   6. 66pt. kang-groo-looove! by Instinct
                           The tOtally WiLDcompo
   1. 920pt. Casio Insanity by Portable Phun
   2. 572pt. SHIT SHOW by SAPPHIRE
   3. 561pt. Textboard by Thiesen
   4. 547pt. Akkuratt nettopp by Acne
   5. 531pt. Drugs SUCKS! by DjNatas
   6. 440pt. Saltvann by West Coast
   7. 386pt. Skumling by Gravity Zone
   8. 367pt. Baked Beans by redfox
                            The PC Textmodecompo
   1. 594pt. Schmeck 2 by Kravitz & jisemdu
   2. 407pt. Boogiedown by AX
   3. 396pt. Planet by Xcene
   4. 154pt. Porno-dildo-ting med & uten by Compocrew
                           The Raytrace gfxcompo
   1. 378pt. Futur Bandits by 3Da addicts of Digital - Nerds&Visual /
   2. 377pt. Area-51 by ?
   3. 318pt. T-Rex by Marius Bacher
   4. 282pt. T-holland by Tudor/TBL
   5. 232pt. Wired Pilgrims by PL+Darkness / Imphobia
   6. 208pt. rc by ?
   7. 194pt. Spacefighter by Ivan Moen / Triumph
   8. 169pt. Robo by Morten Johnsen of Triumph
   9. 167pt. pengu by zarq/robur
   10. 163pt. test by H?vard Anthonsen
   11. 157pt. Singing smileys by tChr/ELQ
   12. 147pt. Armydude by Silver_3D
   13. 127pt. Bar 2 be by Mr. Figaro and - Reflexion/Contraz
   14. 108pt. Room1 by Zathan
   15. 75pt. Pirze by ?
   16. 75pt. The Drop by ?
   17. 64pt. Attack by ?
   18. 61pt. Rombil8 by Lulu
   19. 56pt. Receiver by Oden
                               The Javacompo
   1. 1359pt. Forward by saviour/komplex
   2. 913pt. Next by Digital Nerds
   3. 640pt. Helt Sten by Nocturnal
   4. 492pt. pimp the h-town everyday by h-town playaz
                          The Amiga 64k introcompo
   1. 603pt. Imitation None by Louie / TBL
   2. 371pt. Total Dominance by Spaceballs
   3. 291pt. Fusion is my energy by Load Error / Epid
   4. 254pt. Stars of another sky by Spaceballs
   5. 187pt. A very long precalc by Contraz
   6. 145pt. Uge Pappi the Age Pup by Da Jormas
   7. 108pt. 3rd dimension by Iris
   8. 104pt. Elefantservice by After Eights
   9. 96pt. Nothing by Apathy
   10. 26pt. Flushed by Whisker
                           The PC 64k introcompo
   1. 511pt. Jive 2 by Sublogic
   2. 319pt. Photon by Purple
   3. 245pt. Sin (x) by Dawn 3
   4. 187pt. Ocean 2 by rC
   5. 147pt. Carah by DaBeep
   6. 117pt. Tur 3 by rC
   7. 107pt. Commie by Bamboosh
                              The Fastmodcompo
   1. 264pt. Fast fiskby Kezoomer / tls
   2. 242pt. M?ske' en lille en by Kaiowa & jisemdu
   3. 198pt. Fast modulatic by Jukebox / Talent
   4. 132pt. Tekno suger by anvil / sequenceMS
   5. 110pt. fast n' happy by phlux / Aurum
   6. 110pt. Clockwork by MrJ / Phoenix
   7. 99pt. Fast food by Zixaq / Ephidrena
   8. 77pt. Fastmod by Lavizh / Magic Arts & illusion
   9. 33pt. Tarmkrampe by Nyco / Foam
                          The Music 4 channelcompo
   1. 650pt. Girl fromage by Caramel / Inferiors
   2. 498pt. Tetris forever! by Anvil / SequenceMS
   3. 397pt. Present your world by Knert and Cosmo
   3. 397pt. Dest. Mainstream by Frequent / Ephidrena
   5. 360pt. Caroline(tg) by Radiance / Instinct^Dzone
   6. 336pt. Safari^Funk by Jamsam & Steffo / mystic
   7. 288pt. Pumpkin by Zixaq / Ephidrena
   8. 288pt. Rush by Bullet / Fried Chickens & Scala
   9. 227pt. Feedback Freedom 2 by Boo & Slummy / Spaceballs
   10. 170pt. Eskefjes by Muffe
                        The Music multi channelcompo
   1. 494pt. Liquorice lobotomy by Jisemdu and Caramel
   2. 390pt. kamikaze trip by optic and gainx
   3. 284pt. Brain Forest by Kaiowa / Sorrox
   4. 262pt. Baby reload by Cosmo (Hapax Legomenon)
   5. 240pt. smile by Zauron / Index, analouge, pimp
   6. 238pt. No sleep by Gloom & trenedy / excess
   7. 237pt. Bastard by Zixaq / Ephidrena
   8. 225pt. The thin line by Kezoomer / TLS
   9. 156pt. Alien central by Antastal / Euphoria
   10. 147pt. Antigravity by Oystein Eliassen
   11. 146pt. Closed circles by graavik / waste
   12. 142pt. Quendi by Clone and subspace
   13. 141pt. Bio-energy by Madhi of Calamity/Eup
   14. 132pt. Secret tomb by Quodlibet
   15. 101pt. Neutral environment by Zod / Zubmatic & SequenceMS
                             The Graphicscompo
   1. 617pt. Alone by TMK of INF
   2. 342pt. The Gathering of Souls by mcMoffin/Associated Computer Nerds
   of Europe
   3. 287pt. The Dragon Woman by Missing Organ/Hapax Legomenon / Total
   4. 260pt. Danny We Miss You by Java of Cryonics
   5. 256pt. Check D?Loops by Louie of CNCD
   6. 204pt. Duo by BenJ of Imphobia
   7. 162pt. Fishfood by Pix Subspace^Rebels
   8. 157pt. Just Another Story by Orome of Talent
   9. 145pt. My Kitty Cat Can Say Miao by Saffron of Dolphin and Domenei
   of INF^Dolphin
   10. 131pt. AngelaTG by Denny Kr?ger Walle
   11. 128pt. Tante Olga by Cheetah of Ephidrena
   12. 127pt. Atlantis by Flood of Noice
   13. 116pt. Suntan by Sunday
   14. 113pt. Ghosts by ^Aquarius
   15. 101pt. Insane by Response of Darklite
   16. 94pt. My land is your land by Boo
   17. 86pt. Showing Eve And The Snake by Le Fay of LED
   18. 75pt. Omnirush by Jam Sam of Mystic
   19. 60pt. House Of EC by Erik Thon
                            The Amiga democompo
   1. 1000pt. Rise by TRSI
   2. 565pt. Nebula by Dual Crew Shining
   3. 329pt. Nostalgica by Nukleus
   4. 279pt. Invitation [none] by Sonik Clique
   5. 256pt. Kicker by Nature
   6. 235pt. Dage Down by Da Jormas
   7. 231pt. Device 47 by Ephidrena
   8. 156pt. Ass-Strife by After Eights
   9. 92pt. Dr. Sound is Round by Lamahtron
                              The PC democompo
   1. 528pt. Dimension by Gods
   2. 444pt. loco by cryonics
   3. 371pt. te-2rb by Tpolm
   4. 298pt. Suck my clock by Sense
   5. 267pt. Aquarium by TLS
   6. 223pt. Urknall by blasphemy
   7. 204pt. Life by Proxima
   8. 189pt. Natural born colors by Boar
   9. 163pt. Goatique by Noice
   10. 155pt. Valkone by Kooma
   11. 117pt. Astro by Union
   12. 105pt. Draum by Pimp
   13. 87pt. TwentyFourSeven by Sonik
                               The 3Dfxcompo
   1. 218pt. Planet Cornball by Complex
   2. 207pt. Pils Demo by Ludde
   3. 186pt. Spacepussy by Purple
   4. 102pt. 3Dfx by Talon
                         The Animation (WiLD)compo
   1. 313pt. Babylonia by Nasse/Phobic
   2. 299pt. Wobblerne 2 by Triumph
   3. 269pt. Intel Outside 2 by Snuskis & Agamemnon
   4. 174pt. Superhero by Triumph
   5. 159pt. Halucimations by Snooky/Yodel
   6. 130pt. Reidars Verden by
   7. 124pt. Kassadamo by
   8. 111pt. Only You by no 12
   9. 97pt. TG Terminator by Bytex of Oxygen
   10. 72pt. Psion 5 by J?rgen Sivertsen
           Official computing for The Gathering 98 done by Zepo.