T H E   G A T H E R I N G   2 0 0 0
Held at 19-23th of April
in Hamar, Norway

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                            The Fast musiccompo

   1. 674pt. Fade to Indigo by Dj Knatten
   2. 635pt. waves by DjGtx
   3. 501pt. Pringles by deSilva
   4. 482pt. Movement by vision
   5. 454pt. jiggy groove by Snax
   6. 395pt. Big Fats0 by lavizh
   7. 394pt. Tempted by DJ Smokey
   8. 394pt. quicktime by OmS
   9. 346pt. Even Better Off Together by Madhi & Tick
   10. 0pt. Hysteric Escape by MAdcAT^
   11. 0pt. Forbanna dritsang by KabbeFett

                            The Fast introcompo

   1. 987pt. DVDJon does South Park by QuaziGen
   2. 738pt. Fort & Gfli by NemeZis of [AaC]
   3. 606pt. bimbambom by DARKLITE
   4. 507pt. BOOM by kamelite
   5. 486pt. Brusserull Madness by Omnidimension/Tunacorp

                           The Tracked musiccompo

   1. 645pt. Beautiful dreams by edZeS
   2. 487pt. Anybody Home??? by DJ Geitost
   3. 382pt. Freedom by PyroZane
   4. 324pt. Here we go by flipside
   5. 258pt. Strange Worlds by GloomWing
   6. 257pt. Introducing death by D-Fect
   7. 246pt. antidote by grabbie
   8. 220pt. Note Wrestling by Mutant
   9. 204pt. Kegtheme by disc0duck
   10. 190pt. Fight to the death by KENSHI
   11. 144pt. Tragic Weekend by X`Cal & theo^
   12. 143pt. Extinction by Dolmed
   13. 140pt. Spider Ghost by Gygme
   14. 132pt. Think! by lavizh
   15. 115pt. Gallappagoose by Spazz
   16. 0pt. ..false.alarm.. by g00ber
   17. 0pt. T5 by BB
   18. 0pt. Progressive!!! by ][nvisibleClown
   19. 0pt. The Mourning by ][nvisibleClown & Rogziel
   20. 0pt. Float by Handle/ReActioN
   21. 0pt. Drikk Tran! by KabbeFett
   22. 0pt. Badass MotherFucker by MasterMike
   23. 0pt. Red Lights by Radiance
   24. 0pt. The LytnLAN Theme by Abnorm
   25. 0pt. Da funky fly agaric by Acidbox / Anakata
   26. 0pt. Cold Fusion by Zionic
   27. 0pt. ting by OmS
   28. 0pt. Bashbuskpa by MrKeen
   29. 0pt. NTFS by fsFreak
   30. 0pt. Pyromaniac by Substation

                             The 64K introcompo

   1. 759pt. glAss by psikorp
   2. 735pt. Airscape by Nocturnal
   3. 720pt. Swaptro by Ephidrena
   4. 296pt. Red by Zauron
   5. 204pt. scratch by NEXTEMPIRE
   6. 0pt. revolkcid by deranged
   7. 0pt. Chimera by Anakata

                          The Pixel graphicscompo

   1. 715pt. Avatar by inferno / Haujobb
   2. 500pt. Hot summer by Quickspace of Exposure
   3. 471pt. fooling myself by KTHULU
   4. 450pt. villebill by RaGgSoKk
   5. 334pt. KillerTux by wynlen
   6. 222pt. Too Fast Drawn by Zack of Spaceballs
   7. 201pt. Eteria Materia by HBH/ZTH
   8. 152pt. The Henriksen Project by Kattekok
   9. 129pt. by Ravy98
   10. 0pt. Black axe by Publicenemy

                         The Rendered graphicscompo

   1. 728pt. Adorable, Horny Chick! by Silver3D
   2. 635pt. Dragonslayer by Dr3D
   3. 365pt. Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play by Feral Wild
   4. 349pt. The Gathering - fyller dine tomrom by riddler
   5. 311pt. Subway by Maestro
   6. 283pt. LinuxPOWER by Rutr
   7. 256pt. The Badger by Cherek
   8. 239pt. Specimen Angus by Alces of Yodel
   9. 156pt. Sound Setup by Zealott
   10. 156pt. Basement by Cosmoo
   11. 147pt. Deformation by Cripp
   12. 122pt. Optimus Prime. Leader of the Autobots. by Grim-Beaper
   13. 118pt. Warehouse by KILLER
   14. 91pt. Take Your Pulse by Rb-303

                             The Java democompo

   1. 920pt. No You Dont by Prone, Blasphemy and Tpolm
   2. 645pt. adam7 by Prone & Excess
   3. 416pt. CPU shortage in The Neutral Zone by The Hullkort Masters
   4. 312pt. Hagle by Anakata

                             The MP3 musiccompo

   1. 540pt. unreal by anone
   2. 353pt. Hopes by Flipside
   3. 329pt. Dancing Chocolate by The Melkerull Crew
   4. 307pt. biffsnadder by KabbeFett
   5. 249pt. Subcity Attack by Starfish
   6. 247pt. Didnt have the time by The Wacko
   7. 246pt. Ode to the flameflower by Mrkeen
   8. 240pt. Summer is here by Starline
   9. 238pt. SynthaxError2000 by OcNevKeL
   10. 205pt. Lineshapes by In-Verter
   11. 199pt. Timeless by HPC & Tantra
   12. 199pt. Kampen by xtraz
   13. 173pt. Floatation Device by Vision
   14. 129pt. The new hit of the World by Zorrox
   15. 95pt. I am immortal by Acidbox / Anakata
   16. 0pt. digitalAngels part I by G0NZO
   17. 0pt. Visions by L3monRa2oR
   18. 0pt. PR0707YP3 by PAND3M0N1UM
   19. 0pt. Happy Life by BB
   20. 0pt. FRAM! by NBK and Torleif63
   21. 0pt. The Secret Of Love (Love Mix) by DJ ZooL
   22. 0pt. Pling plong the banjosong by DJ - INGO
   23. 0pt. The Prayer by DJ Smokey
   24. 0pt. Trust by DJ Clarion
   25. 0pt. p0h by aNti hero
   26. 0pt. p0h by aNti hero
   27. 0pt. Cant You by ][nvisibleClown
   28. 0pt. Take me high by HaZZard
   29. 0pt. Floating Mind by Handle/ReActioN
   30. 0pt. No logic left by MasterMike
   31. 0pt. Born Again by Randolph
   32. 0pt. Lavizh Theme by lavizh
   33. 0pt. Zootopia partII (TG-edit) by Pest
   34. 0pt. Bom Bom Shiva! by Sebastian Bjxrnerud
   35. 0pt. The Spirit Catcher by deSilva
   36. 0pt. zilch by vermin
   37. 0pt. Illusions of the Past by Cherek
   38. 0pt. Every day is like a fire by Chroma and BOSSmop
   39. 0pt. Travel To Elk Village by LittleElk
   40. 0pt. Groovie (tg edit) by Wimpy
   41. 0pt. Brusserull Madness part II by Zionic
   42. 0pt. floatation device by vision
   43. 0pt. Things by OmS
   44. 0pt. Kloster Pornografi og Industri by umglurf
   45. 0pt. Lineshapes by In-Verter
   46. 0pt. Grounnla & Damon by GoGrounnlaet
   47. 0pt. The badest MC by Jokka the Destroyer
   48. 0pt. This Is For The Moon by Yoshy
   49. 0pt. Through The Night by ArachnO \ fadeout
   50. 0pt. Loose Control by Frantic Illusion
   51. 0pt. Concealed Faces by Tristram
   52. 0pt. filtered reality by grabbie & gloomwing
   53. 0pt. The Final Frontier by StarScream
   54. 0pt. Dream my Dreams by System Halted

                              The 3D democompo

   1. 0pt. Planet Alpheon by Fadeout
   2. 0pt. omse mogo by bamboosh
   3. 0pt. The 4 Eyed Menace by MvBIUS

                            The Web designcompo

   1. 0pt. Test by tChr
   2. 0pt. Ziege Counter Strike Clan by Matpakkis
   3. 0pt. DraftingZup web-compo entry by Xarvia
   4. 0pt. MusicMurder by Feral Wild
   5. 0pt. TG Party Report Central by jetthe
   6. 0pt. The TG1900 Party Report by TheViking
   7. 0pt. EL og IT Forbundets hjemmesider for ungdom - TG et eneste
   stort party! by Pingu
   8. 0pt. The Gathering 1900 webpage by Plauge of Boredom
   9. 0pt. The party web by gn0me
   10. 0pt. The Gathering Party Report by Tristram
   11. 0pt. Simplicity by Ayatollah

                             The Video FXcompo

   1. 796pt. fish by thriD / OmS
   2. 501pt. Wildlife by Yodel
   3. 474pt. houses of cards by Jxrn Txmmeres
   4. 240pt. Dirt Road by RealTime v/Fredrik Arntzen
   5. 207pt. Destination: Loki (the story begins) by Quazim
   6. 168pt. Lego Story by Bjarte & Kenneth Animation
   7. 162pt. Discoduck by poNgis
   8. 146pt. Burning Garbage by Oxygen TV
   9. 137pt. Dangerous Wish by Cherek
   10. 128pt. Seti by Gnab Gib
   11. 113pt. Funky Church by BigBrother
   12. 110pt. Kraft by Shagma
   13. 73pt. Fantasia by Rhovanion
   14. 40pt. The 4 Eyed Menace by Maestro
   15. 17pt. Hardslack by Abnormal Lodge HQ
   16. 0pt. WorMspeeD by X-OperatoR
   17. 0pt. no3Dgreier by sLACKER
   18. 0pt. vakuum by capacity
   19. 0pt. Alot of Crap by Merola
   20. 0pt. Kraft by Shagma
   21. 0pt. To toradere pe rad by Folkemxkk

                                The WAPcompo

   1. 0pt. Anime1 by Plauge of Boredom
   2. 0pt. DivWap by Not404 - Paal Christian Bjxnnes & Louis Erdman

                            The Amiga democompo

   1. 77pt. HYPNOPOLIS by Spaceballs
   2. 40pt. Www.ebster by Contraz
   3. 22pt. Space Travel by Apathy
   4. 22pt. HappyDemo by Furry Boys

                              The PC democompo

   1. 0pt. Fast intro by Mighty BungHolios
   2. 0pt. Bellybutton Grove by dot dot

                          The Useless utilitycompo

   1. 0pt. Keyboard tester v1.0 by [Tiger]
   2. 0pt. Userfriendly-Viewer by TaLoN^LzR
   3. 0pt. Coke Temperature Monitor (TM) by TaLoN^LzR
   4. 0pt. Thomas Bergskaug by Xarvia
   5. 0pt. Project Zero by falxx
   6. 0pt. -= NaSa =- by NemeZis of [AaC]
   7. 0pt. The Amazing Minesweeper Solver by Sesse
   8. 0pt. Global Pollution Preventer by TenTaCle
   9. 0pt. QCounter by temujin
   10. 0pt. BINARY by Fishy
   11. 0pt. c (as in cd) by Gilrim Dol And Dominium Enceladus (Spiritual
   Leader and advisor: Zintaro)
   12. 0pt. c (as in cd) by Gilrim Dol And Dominium Enceladus (Spiritual
   Leader and advisor: Zintaro)
   13. 0pt. Confidence`O`Booster by sirs0nar / SIRS
   14. 0pt. timepast by Flank
   15. 0pt. Do Stuff by Gloom
   16. 0pt. SpraeiDottEnno by Gloom
   17. 0pt. Seriously Useless Proggie by Gloom
   18. 0pt. y2k by Klogd
   19. 0pt. The outlet Counter by umglurf
   20. 0pt. Exxxit by Johnny Surfer
   21. 0pt. Whats wrong? by Porqpine
   22. 0pt. Opprett by Yoshy
   23. 0pt. ndeLiTe by joso
   24. 0pt. Blackout by torbi
   25. 0pt. Thomas Bergskaug by Zpacy
   26. 0pt. File Doubler by Bullseye
   27. 0pt. Mrknflk by Fuglemat
   28. 0pt. Alfatime by Hwoarang
   29. 0pt. SkoleBasic by System Halted

                           The Amiga/PC democompo

   1. 791pt. Hypnopolis by Spaceballs
   2. 528pt. Bellybutton Groove by Dot dot
   3. 442pt. Www.ebster by Contraz
   4. 206pt. Space Travel by Apathy
   5. 80pt. happyHappyHAPPY by FurryBoys

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