6/8/23, 11:31 PM | by scamp scamp


We are very very sorry to have to announce that UC13 is not taking place this year. We apologize to everyone who had booked their vacation and was looking forward to the event.

There are two reasons UC13 can not happen: First of all, this year due to various personal reasons, we are short on organizers. UC always is such a huge setup that we really need 20 organizers to get the thing going, and we are not getting close this time. It would have been really painful for the lower amount of organizers to get this done.

And secondly, as you may know, a well-known fellow german demoscene party organizers has recently passed away, and his farewell event has been scheduled now and is colliding with the planned UC13 date. As a lot of our organizers and visitors wish to be present there, that’s another reason we really can not do it. In this case our friendship to the person who has passed away has priority.

Underground Conference will be back in 2024. Until then: See you at all the other great demoparties happening this year.