Official UC][e Wyld Demo Competition Results

1)      Demo                    N-Factor                       19p
2)      Invaders                Reflex                          8p
3)      Light!                  Surak/GreSoWo                   3p
4)      Realtime                Mezo                            2p
5)      Totaler Schrott         Xography                        1p
        Mr Bios 2               Action Force                    1p
7)      King Of Shades          Action Force                    0p

X)      Massive Attack          Poison

Poison was - of course - disqualified for posing with "isdn soon"...

Official UC][e Multi-Channel Competition Results

1)      Blowing In The Wind     Wigwam/Stoned Brain Records     16p
2)      Harmonical Feelings     Suck/Pop2Pop                    13p
3)      Synergy-E-Fact!         Sunset/Fact!                    11p
4)      Sweet Jessi             Brainteaser & Simple N/FCO      10p
5)      Lachskammer             FBK                              8p
6)      Anarchophobia           Philip Meade                     6p
7)      Bycane Remix            Maxi/FCO                         5p

Official UC][e Shit Music Competition Results

1)      I sold my soul and...   Suck/Pop2Pop                    20p
2)      Whiskey Dancing         FBK                             8«p
3)      One Minute              Faun/Purge                       7p
4)      H„nschenklein           KB/Reflex                        5p
5)      TKKG                    Yoda & R2D2/Delta Pi             2p

X)      Fickenbeutel            Caynan & Crazy L/Poison        (13p)

The entry by Poison was disqualified because it had too much melodic parts

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