Wild(prize: dvd-burner)
----------  -----------------------------------------------  -------
1st  place  wAMMARK04 by wAMMA                               122 pts
2nd  place  Poliittinen Viesti Saksalaisille by Kuake         64 pts
3rd  place  Miksi s? teet mulle niin by Team Stondis          62 pts
4th  place  Karvattomat Punuaiset by Mutsisproductis          38 pts
5th  place  Aivokuolema by FF                                 30 pts
6th  place  Wildi by teamhiuXET                               20 pts

Demo(prize: 50e)
----------  -----------------------------------------------  -------
1st  place  Gamia by Kuake                                    38 pts
2nd  place  Isoviha by Matt Current                           34 pts
3rd  place  Nyrkkipaja by ebr                                 30 pts
4th  place  Flipside by Moonhazard                            29 pts
5th  place  Pneyy by flo                                      26 pts
6th  place  yx p?iv? by ISO                                   25 pts
7th  place  Demo2 by Battyboys                                18 pts
8th  place  Polde by ISO                                      16 pts
9th  place  Kipee Pixeli by S?p? Studios feat. visy & wolf_   15 pts
10th place  Noisedemo by Gluterol                              9 pts

Music(prize: 50e)
----------  -----------------------------------------------  -------
1st  place  Texas Artfag Massacre by Pinza                    55 pts
2nd  place  Rakkauslaulu visyn mutsille by Defilus            43 pts
3rd  place  Trendsetter(party version) by reed                28 pts
4th  place  N?kyj? ja Odotuksia by Paavi of ISO               24 pts
5th  place  Kullikomppi by Hyosuke                            22 pts
6th  place  Kiai by Chemic                                    21 pts
7th  place  Trip by Siivone                                   14 pts
8th  place  Vanha vaari by Team Stondis                       13 pts
9th  place  Funkenschlag by Ajj                               11 pts
10th place  Hilipati by Jizz of Phn                            9 pts
not included: Politiikka by Jenni & Astu(because of us stupid organizers) :)

GFX(prize: Drawing tablet)
----------  -----------------------------------------------  -------
1st  place  Condition Critical by Raimo                       51 pts
2nd  place  Treasures Memories by mangaelf                    46 pts
3rd  place  auTumn by Scoopr                                  36 pts
4th  place  Kekkosen ylij??m? by Serial                       30 pts
5th  place  Greater than by Karma                             21 pts
6th  place  Rustic by Ronto                                   17 pts
7th  place  Paintmies by Hyosuke                              15 pts
8th  place  Jehna by McH                                      12 pts

FastMusic(prize: AMD posters)
----------  -----------------------------------------------  -------
1st  place  Kssbit by mike                                   119 pts
2nd  place  Pilsneri-iltamat by Pinza                         79 pts
3rd  place  Sis?vesikala by carebear & reed                   63 pts
4th  place  Jota by jaffa                                     33 pts

FastGFX(prize: AMD posters)
----------  -----------------------------------------------  -------
1st  place  Isotissilesboliisa                                40 pts
2nd  place  Ihq-beibe                                         29 pts
2nd  place  Gene-crew                                         29 pts
3rd  place  Kasvain                                           23 pts
3rd  place  Mies joka saa kuumaksi                            23 pts
4th  place  Tosi s?p?                                         16 pts
4th  place  S?p? hyosuke                                      16 pts
5th  place  S?pis                                             14 pts
6th  place  Spring is Cu                                      12 pts
7th  place  Kawaii                                            11 pts
8th  place  Soot niin ihana                                    9 pts
9th  place  Plussapallo                                        6 pts
10th place  S?p?                                               4 pts
11th place  Jee                                                2 pts

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