3/11/21, 4:09 PM | by PrincessLuna PrincessLuna


Dear Flashback 20/20(+1) visitor or guest,

More than a year ago, we set out to organise the retro-event of all retro-events; the one stop conference and show for all things retro computing related. We contacted special guests, vendors, venues and hotels to arrange everything and were on a roll – until COVID-19 happened. The circumstances surrounding the pandemic forced us to postpone our event twice, but we still had high hopes to organise the be-all and end-all of retro computing events in June of this year.

Today, the time has come to announce that we see no other chance than to cancel our event. Although there is “light at the end of the tunnel” by way of the vaccines being administered worldwide, we are still a long way from being able to organise an event such as ours. There is no way an event like ours can take place with social distancing – not just for monetary reasons, but also because we need it to be a big event with many people there to bring you the full experience.

Visitors (those who have purchased tickets)

In the coming days you’ll receive an e-mail from our ticket vendor prompting you to request a refund. You’ll also get the option to donate (part of) the sum towards the organisation, if you want to help us deal with the expenses that we’ve accumulated. Please note that this is completely optional – there is absolutely no requirement to do so. You’ll have until May 15th to submit your refund request after which your refund will be automatically processed before June 1st, 2021.

Vendors (those who have an agreement with us)

If you’ve received and previously paid an invoice for your participation at our event, you’ll receive a credit invoice before May 15th and payment before June 1st, 2021.


If you booked a hotel or flight, and want to cancel these too, you’ll need to contact those parties (or your travel agent) individually. For those that had hotel bookings done through the Flashback 20/20 arrangement, there won’t be a cancellation fee. If we booked your hotel or flights, we will cancel these ourselves.


If you were booked as a guest then, unfortunately, this e-mail should be considered as a formal cancellation of our agreement. We’re truly very sorry as we really were looking forward to spend time with each and everyone of you.

Finally, as sad as we are to have to do this, we do hope everyone is and will stay healthy. After all that’s all that really matters.

Yours sincerely, René, Marcel & Marvin Flashback 20/20(+1)