From June 14th to June 16th, 2024, there’s an opportunity in the Vogtland region to gather and revive the old times. Bring your treasures along, from Amiga to ZX Spectrum. Sega, Sharp, NeXT, SGI, Acorn—show off what you’ve been tinkering with. Display what you’ve been programming and how you’ve been passing the time. Let’s play, chat, and have a good time. There’s a program lineup including plenty of games, presentations, prizes, and even a concert. Accommodations start at €43 per night.



Gemeindezentrum Hasengrund - Jößnitz, Plauen

Rohrweg 1a
08547 Plauen
Germany Germany


Entrance Fee

€10.00 Friday or Saturday

€30.00 Saturday with Concert

€35.00 Regular (without Table)

€40.00 Regular (with Table)