The X parties are renowned in the demoscene since 1995. Each edition just gets louder, colorfuller, stupider, drunker and straight up awesomer. As usual, Silicon Ltd, SCS*TRC and Xenon invite you to join us in celebrating 8-bit culture.

We start Friday May 10th until Sunday May 12th in Someren, the Netherlands. To us, the Commodore 64 home computer is more than just an ancient relic of pre-internet technology. It's our voice, our art, our dreams and desires all packed into a machine that some people would use as mere vintage living room decoration.

It's our weapon of choice to create amazing art within a very limited scope, and we're damn proud of that!


Interested 3

Violet FRaNKy Flyshpytshe



Entrance Fee

€184.00 Full experience ticket

€114.00 Single day ticket

Party Series

X 2024 is a part of X.