Type Demoparty
Url 2008.tum-party.net
Date december 2008, 28th - 30th
Location Durlacher Festhalle,
Links pouet demoscene.tv slengpung scene.org
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Credits D.Fox

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type price
regular 35 EUR  


3rd Jan 09

After party pages are online

While the releases are in approval at scene.org, we've already put up the after party pages. There you can look at the results (with thumbnails) and links to reports, pictures etc.
If you wrote a report, made some pictures or have something else related to tUM 2008, please contact us so we can put it on the page.
Also, if you use flickr, please consider joining the group. That way we can someday have all pictures in one place.

by poti //
20th Nov 08

News update: register, ansi compo & hotels

Do you plan to come to the Ultimate Meeting this year? Check out the list to see who's already signed up and let your friends know that you're coming, too.
We won't have an official ansi/ascii competition this year. So if you're interested in organizing an unofficial one, just contact us and we'll give you the tools to do it :)
We've found two more hotels which are open during the party. If you're old and sedate - check them out. One of the even has a grand deluxe room! :-)

by poti //
26th Oct 08

the Ultimate Meeting 2008 Website is online

We finally got out of the mud and launched the website (into space).
You'll find almost everything you need to know about this years event.

by poti //
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