ATK is an old finnish term referring to Electronic data processing which used to be the "IT" in the 80s and 90s at least. Lohja is a small city near Helsinki in Finland. So this small party is a flashback to the nineties when we had demo and LAN parties in Lohja.

The party is happening near a beautiful lake and we have sauna & swimming possibility. Party place resembles a bit like camping in a cabin but bigger.

We have three compos:

  • Music - 3,5 min max length
  • Graphics - Anything drawn goes
  • Demo - 5 min max length, all platforms but we only provide a modern Windows PC by default.

We will accept remote entries but if your platform is something else than modern Windows then ask beforehand if we can provide the hardware to run it. We probably won't have a stream as it takes some preparing and effort to run and we just want to focus on the IRL.



Going 1




Partioniementie 82
08450 Lohja, Uusimaa
Finland Finland

Photo from Foursquare (uncredited) 2
Photo from Foursquare (uncredited)


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ATK-Lohja 2023 is a part of ATK-Lohja.