Buenzli 14 features a huge chill out corner for all you guys and girls needing a break of the daily computer business. There you can enjoy life, have a beer, talk to all your scene friends and watch the incredible shows on the big screen.

Fred/Calodox and Unlock/Vantage/Padua will be available for you to make your stay as sweet as possible (no, not what you think).



Going 16

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Liebestrasse 3
8400 Winterthur, Zürich
Switzerland Switzerland

                                    »Overview over the partylocation«
                                    »The explosive place..«
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Entrance Fee

CHF45.00 Regular

CHF40.00 Prepay

€42.00 Combined Ticket

€27.00 Foreign

Party Series

Buenzli 14 is a part of Buenzli.