It's finally time again! iNSANE and the Gothenburg Demoscene Allstars(tm) are proud to present a new edition of Compusphere. You and the rest of the scene are invited to a weekend of oldschool data fun. Just like back in the days, when we stormed schools and sport halls for a weekend of pure joy.

This is as good as it gets. The sceners will be there, the atmosphere will be just right and we have all the time in the world ┬ľ sort of ┬ľ to dream ourselves back to the glory days of the demoscene.

And oh, did we tell you about the live demoshows, the live DJ's, the secret fast compos and the awesome location?


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K├ąrtvet 101
444 92 J├Ârlanda, V├Ąstra G├Âtalands l├Ąn
Sweden Sweden

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Entrance Fee

SEK200.00 Regular

Party Series

Compusphere 2014 is a part of Compusphere.