8/25/22, 11:16 PM | by v3nom v3nom

Ticket Sale open | First Seminar announcement | Website+Compo-Rules updated

Ticket Sale open:

Great news everyone! We opened up the ticket sale and you can now get your ticket for Deadline 2022 and reserve your spot on our guestlist!

First Seminar announcement:

We’re proud to announce the first Seminar of Deadline 2022:

Reverse engineering Amiga demos for fun and profit (by Bartman / Abyss) Amiga hardware is so versatile. Have you ever wondered how all the fantastic effects in your favorite demos came about? Take a trip down memory lane and join Bartman/Abyss on a technical deep dive as he introduces a fun new tool that will help you uncover the secrets behind the most iconic demo effects.

Btw. we still have free seminar spots, so contact(@demoparty.berlin) us if you want to present sth. :)

Website + Compo-Rules updated:

Check out the updated general information and compo rules on our website. New and noteworthy:

Stay tuned for more news and announcements to come! We’re looking forward to partying with you!