9/28/22, 9:12 AM | by v3nom v3nom

Schizophrenic solo act for humans, Tickets available at the door, No remote deadline at remote deadline

“Schizophrenic solo act for humans” This year we’re proud to present a fantastic live act, who have their home base at the ORWOHaus Musikfabrik – Nuno & The End: A solo act by Nuno Filipe where, by atmospheric sounds, a psychedelic and sometimes neurotic maze of reflective travel is proposed to the audience. An almost imperfect symbiosis between sound, will, a guy, two keyboards, and one or two lamps. Check out the full timetable here!

Tickets available at the door, come around! The online sale is closed – we still have enough tickets at the door / to buy spontaneously. So far we never sold out, so come around 🙂 Also the discounted ticket will be available at the door, in case you need it. Ticket info

No remote deadline at remote deadline Remote upload will still be possible via partymeister until the compo deadlines. (see timetable above)