It’s a demoparty. In Sollentuna, Stockholm, Sweden. July 8-10, 2011. 250 SEK entrance fee (~25 EUR), with breakfast included. Small and exclusive, with data action of the highest quality – it’s a taste of things to come.

We aim to provide the Swedish compo experience of 2011. The facilities are modern and top notch, the crew is dedicated, and there are no neighbours to disturb – so let the battles begin. We present competitions in your standard categories, PC/Amiga/C64/whatever you bring, and you are free to participate, if you think you’re up to it.



Going 5

velo Radiant PrincessLuna Ziphoid D.Fox


Karlstad Station Duvslaget Closed Permanently

Sweden Sweden


Entrance Fee

SEK250.00 Regular

Party Series

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