7/7/09, 10:00 AM

Combine the Fun!

Like every year, Buenzli and Evoke offer you twice the fun for not quite twice the price. If you plan to go to Evoke and Buenzli, you should think about buying the infamous “Combined Ticket”. For only 55 Euros (instead of 65 Euros) you will be able to enjoy the compos of Evoke and Buenzli back to back. So, if you are man enough to try this, mention that you would like to buy a combined ticket at the Evoke Infodesk and have your cash ready. Two weeks later, at the Buenzli Infodesk, show your Evoke bracelet and the ticket. And that’s it! If you were not yet planning to go to Evoke AND Buenzli, isn’t this reason enough to think it over?!