8/15/13, 12:00 AM

Rovio Entertainment Ltd. sponsors Evoke 2013

We are very proud to announce that for the first time ever Rovio Entertainment will sponsor Evoke. If you don’t know the name Rovio yet, you for sure know their main brand: it’s Angry Birds! The entertainment company from Finland will support the new “Kid’s Corner” at Evoke, the perfect place for your kids, young sceners and every oldskool scener who is still young at heart. The Kid’s Corner’s program ranges from challenging handicrafts like Origami to LED circuit set-ups and first computer programming tasks. Content-wise it will be accustomed by several initiatives you might have heard of:

Hans-Werner Guth from Dingfabrik Köln e.V. offers an Origami workshop. From aerodynamical paper plane to complex sculptures you can put your analogue creativity to a test.

Elisabeth Wegner from Mehreinfach and Jan Kus from Railslove GmbH are involved in the non-profit organization CoderDojo which imparts knowledge about technology and it’s creative applications in a playful, hands-on way. They will offer workshops about LEDs, hacking and coding.

But what would a real Kid’s Corner be without Angry Birds? Rovio offers fun activity books and toys from the “Angry Birds” universe, as well as episodes of “Angry Birds Toons”, the bite-size cartoon available on select TV networks as well as in the Angry Birds games on iOS and Android.

On top, our other new sponsor Carlsen Verlag contributes a selection of their “Pixi” books, famous since 1954.

Would you like to know more?

Rovio Entertainment Ltd.: www.rovio.com
Carlsen Verlag GmbH: www.carlsen.de
Dingfabrik Köln e.V.: www.dingfabrik.de
Mehreinfach: www.mehreinfach.de
Railslove GmbH: www.railslove.com
Initiative CoderDojo: www.coderdojo.com