4/14/20, 9:41 PM | by poti poti

Message of the organizers


at this time of the year, we announce that everything will be happening “in Kalk”, “in August” and “as usual”. Nothing much is “as usual” currently and hence we need to wait. It is currently unforeseeable wether we will be allowed to hold Evoke 2020, which is why we have halted the effort to organize the party for this year.

Talking to the team, we came to the conclusion that neither going online nor finding a later date in 2020 is an option to us. We decided to wait with a final decision on this matter until “end of May”. By that time we make an announcement that will reflect the situation sensibly.

We hope that this timeline somehow suits you and - even more so - hope to make Evoke 2020 happen, having one of the best weekends of the year with you! Always keep in mind: “Good things come to those who wait”.

Stay safe and healthy!

The Evoke Organizing Team