8/4/21, 3:40 PM | by poti poti

chibi-tech to perform live

chibi-tech, NES artist from Tokyo, will perform at névoke.

Preemptively honing her craft in the late-80s with an Amiga, a copy of D.O.C. SoundTracker, and various swapdisks filled with european prods that her dad took home… chibi-tech slowly but surely turned into a swift & versatile trackmaking maestro in that fresh scener flair despite the hurdles of a nearly non-existent demoscene in America. She especially honed her skills in chiptunes, which she was able to turn into a legitimate full-time career. Now living in Tokyo Japan, she is involved in the more technical aspects of gamedev ー with her audio works featured in both modern console games… and even built-in within console hardware itself.

And yet, chibi-tech still finds the time to napalm the dancefloor with her preferred weapons of choice: two NES consoles hooked onto a mixer. She’s eager to set your aural senses ablaze with even the most rudimentary of sound generation arsenal.