The 19th edition of the Slovakian 8-bit multi platform party.

FOReVER is a demoparty held every year on the third weekend in March, since 2010 in Horná Súča (since 2000 till 2009 in Trenčín), a village near Trenčín, located in western Slovakia.

It is organized by non-profit volunteer people involved in 8-bit microcomputers and demoscene. As a pure demoscene event FOReVER features 8-bit multiplatform competitions, partying and socializing, quizes and funny competitions and of course the unique FOReVER demoscene atmosphere.


Going 2

Vasco gasman



Horná Súča 1059
913 33 Horná Súča, Nitriansky kraj
Slovakia Slovakia


Party Series

Forever 2018 is a part of FOReVER.