someone can find this place nostalgic, someone can find it interesting, we all hope that you'll not find it useless. this is the world where we spent lot of time and energy (and really not just us, it's much bigger, far beyond the FOReVER stuff) and we still have lot of plans and work to do. this place is based on a long tradition, the roots are really deep. but it's not just old jungle. there is still evolution. lot of time passed around from the era of scrolling texts with the big logo above it. there was just one beginning, but the speed of growing was awesome. people spent lot of time by reading texts and watching the pictures, games were not the only entertainment the computers gave to us.



Going 2

gasman Charlie


Panoráma Club

Palackého 29/7149
Trenčín, Trenčiansky kraj
Slovakia Slovakia

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250 SKK Regular

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