It’s true, Compusphere is back! Sort of. We noticed the lack of a real data meeting in Sweden this fall, so we decided to change that. We present: Gothenburg Autumn Gathering, 27-29 of November!

This time we’re aiming more towards a smaller and cozier party with only the best of data machines: Amiga, C64, Atari and other oldschool platforms. No newschool business, except for cross platform development of course. There will be a demo compo, and one each for music and graphics too. Compo hardware for Amiga, C64 and Atari will be provided.

We found the perfect venue in the heart of Hisingen, Göteborg. It’s called Wartagården and is close to all kinds of convenience like public transportation. It even has a good BBQ spot!



Sälöfjordsg. 29
418 73 Göteborg, Västra Götalands län
Sweden Sweden

Photo from Foursquare (uncredited) 2
Photo from Foursquare (uncredited)


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Gothenburg Autumn Gathering 2015 is a part of GAG.