The "Berghaus Birchweid" is a cousy cottage, 1450 meters over sealevel. It is just about the most unlikely place for a demoparty to happen. :) In fact, when we visited the place first, it was occupied by a christian holiday group. But then again, its just perfect: Its far off civilisation, with a brilliant view and an even better athmosphere. You will love it, I promise.



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Berghaus Birchweid

Switzerland Switzerland

                                    »The "road" from the cablecar station to the building. There are no real roads (and no cars except some tractors and jeeps) up here.«
                                    »View from the outside. When we made this picture they were just redoing the terrace, it is finished now.«
                                                                                »This is going to be the mainhall. The image shows a weird christian group eating lunch... :) «
                                                                                        Photo from Foursquare (uncredited)


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