This gathering is oriented Creativeness, Alternative Data processings, Oldies (old computers) therefore passionate, demomakers, programmers, beginners, adventurers, tourists, graphistes, musicians, sceneurs, curious, prepare you to make heat your cars as well as your computers and to make the displacement there will be some for everybody, and don't forget especially, even though you don't know how to program at all or something else it doesn't mean that it is not necessary to come, come to join us, you are going to explode you, promised, and you will discover some brilliant people.


Garage de l'Aiglon

Garage AD - Entretien et réparation voiture - Devis gratuit en ligne

7 rue du Colonel Redontey
21130 Auxonne, Côte-d'Or
France France


Entrance Fee

€30.00 Regular

€25.00 Prepay

Party Series

Hunoparty 4 is a part of Hunoparty.