Lost Party 2018 is a new demoscene event, although organized by an experienced team - Tristesse.

Lost Party aspires to become a cyclical event which will not focus solely on remembering old times. There will be traditional compos for demos, intro, graphics and music. Participants all around the world will be able to vote.

We will have a large room for up to 120 people, there is a lake, 2 large self-service shops and an extensive accommodation base with a various standard.

Location: Ochotnicza StraĆŒ PoĆŒarna, ul. KoniƄska 46, 62-563 LicheƄ Stary


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Ochotnicza StraĆŒ PoĆŒarna

KoniƄska 46
62-563 LicheƄ Stary, Wielkopolskie
Poland Poland


Party Series

Lost Party 2019 is a part of Lost Party.