9/8/21, 8:12 PM | by ζχψωβ %C3%8E%C2%B6%C3%8F%E2%80%A1%C3%8F%CB%86%C3%8F%E2%80%B0%C3%8E%C2%B2

Party System open

so yes, this might be a good time to tell you guys our party system for Lovebyte Battlegrounds (25-26 september 2021) is up at https://party.lovebyte.party and ready to receive awesome entries (fantasy console demo, 128b/256b intro, graphics and music)

Someone just told someone who posted this that they need to get https going immediately because passwords need to be sent not in the clear, so, the link may not work temporarily but do NOT send passwords across unencrypted http. I’m submitting this and accepting it and will edit this warning text out later when it’s fixed.