10/14/07, 8:52 PM | by cybernostra cybernostra

MAIN#2 introduces Data Airlines Festival the biggest chipmusic event in Europe!

**Yeah ! We are preparing the biggest Chipmusic event in Europe.**At the same time at the MAIN demoparty, the micromusic event Data Airlines Festival will take part on the 2 stages in Espace and Café Julien Theater.

Check the site for the whole line up and the music at http://www.dataairlines.net

More 30 Artists like Crazy-Q, Goto80, Dubmood, Sidabitbal, Nervous Test Pilot, Stu @Schmx, Meneo Paza, Bit Shifter and many others will rock the bits every night with Atari vs. Gameboy vs. C64 soundclashes!

Open scene in the Cafe for all sceners. This is the event and the place to be. Don’t miss it !

SO sceners we invite you to share with us the party.