So if you didnt plan anything for october 2010, take a pencil and make a BIG CROSS for the 1st weekend of october 2010, MAIN 5 will happen !




Going 11

wullon Santa nosfe _H2o_ D.Fox Unlock xtrium Madame gasman BouB Zavie


Parc des Ateliers Closed Temporarily

22 chemin des Minimes
13200 Arles, PACA

La Grande Halle and the 3000m2 geant screen on the roof. 5
The Grande Halle and the geant 3000m2 led screen on the roof The Grande Halle, sky view ! Photo by  Photo by

Entrance Fee

45 EUR Regular

40 EUR Prepay

Party Series

MAIN #5 2010 is a part of Main.