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11th Mar 07

Results and Files

NUMERICA DTV ArtParty 01, 11st Mar 07
Results and Files
Results :
Files :

by tsr //
27th Feb 07

How to send your remote entry?

General informations, compo transfert and broadcasting, remote vote... Check all the informations about remote entry!

by Dax //
25th Feb 07

HAIKU Conference

A new open-source operating system will be showed up at Numerica. This is called "Haiku", and this is not another Linux-kernel port. Intended to follow the BeOS spirit, the conference that will be held by François Revol aka mmu_man, will demonstrate its aims and tech side applicable to demoscene. It is rumoured that Google keeps a close eye on this new OS. We at Numerica will have the chance to know more about it.

by Dax //
21st Feb 07

5000€ money prizes

The good new finally arrived ! The best achievements will be rewarded by a price for 5000 euros to be divided according to various categories.

by Dax //
21st Feb 07

Don't forget to prepay your places on line !

The number of places being limited to 100 participants, it is from on essential to prepay your places on line. If you do not have the possibility of paying your place on line contact us as soon as possible.

by Dax //
21st Feb 07

Intro invitation released

The DTV team realized a small intro invit available in video format and dowload file. You can discover it on and you will know why we choose broadcast artists’ video instead of programing ;)

by Dax //
27th Jan 07

Remote entries will be accepted

DTV allows you to join and enjoy parties remotely here there everywhere in the world so why would we not accept entries from...everywhere in the world?

Feel free sceners to send us your entries even if you cannot attend- we are more than happy to welcome them! Make demos; watch them on DTV during Numerica!

by Dax //
13th Jan 07

Forum is opened !

The compos, the travel, the orgas, the showers, the conferences and concerts, the food; the girls, and who´s coming and in which car can i find a seat? There is now a place for any and every question or comment you wish to post on NUMERICA demoparty!

by Dax //
30th Dec 06

Theme remix competition

For the music competition, we propose to you to create a remix of NUMERICA theme. Samples pack is available here !

by Dax //
28th Dec 06

Numerica Demoparty Unleashed

After visiting yours, DTV is proud to invite you at its own party place!! NUMERICA #01, in Montbéliard/ France March 09-11th, 2007 All the usual compos, ambiance, live concerts and NUMERICA#1 specials (Open Scene, DTV jingle compo; VIPs and more surprises...) are on the program for You! Be there with us! - Entries limited to 100 sceners!-

by metapat //
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