It's time to finally announce that SIMULAATIO 6 will be held between 22 and 24 of May in Joroinen, Finland. Extravaganza takes place in the glamorous Hotel Joronjälki. And that means the whole hotel is reserved for our tubular demoparty action for the whole weekend. Don't know where Joroinen is or how to get there? Don't you worry we got you covered: fabulous scene bus rides will be arranged from Helsinki and Tampere to party place. Ticket sales will start 1.3.2015, at the same time as the official website launch - hold your hats this is going to be awesome experience.

  • Joroinen is near Varkaus, where all the earlier Simulaatio demoparties were held.

  • We will have all the usual compos for Amiga, C64 and PC.

  • Ticket sales will start 1.3.2015, at the same time as the official website launch.

  • We will arrange the famous bustrips from Helsinki/Tampere to get you easily to the party!

  • You can expect another quality demoparty, like earlier Simulaatio demoparties.

  • The party place is Hotelli Joronjälki, which is an actual oldschool hotel.

  • Hotel rooms can be booked (only) from website starting at 1.3.2015. Prices will be good.

  • There will also be a traditional demoparty sleeping area (for free).

Now start working on your productions! :) And stay tuned for more information.

Welcome everyone!



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Hotelli Joronjälki

Motellikuja 1
79600 Joroinen, Etelä-Savo
Finland Finland

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Photo from Foursquare (uncredited) Photo from Foursquare (uncredited)


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