A weekend of chilled fun is coming up fast on between the 10th and 11th of November. Clear your calendars!

Join the fun of retro computing, modern-day coding, chip music, pixel graphics and DIY electronics projects.

It should be noted that the location of the party tends to be somewhat "volatile" and that if you think you know where it is, it's best to check. And if you DO find out, please tell the demoparty.net people, as we have 2 entries for previous parties that have NO ADDRESS and I am not adding a third.

Go To Syntax. It will rule.

Ok the webpage is apparently down right now so the backend won't let me add it, so the actual webpage which is in various search engine caches (but not actually online right at this very moment, so the check is valid and correct… technically correct, the best kind of correct) is http://www.syntaxparty.org/

Again you should go to syntax. It will rule.


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