Type Demoparty
Url 2012.tum-party.net
Date december 2012, 27th - 29th
Location Hegelsberghalle,
Links pouet csdb slengpung scene.org twitter
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  »As you might have already noticed, this year's tUM won't be business as usual.
As the landlord or the Festhalle Durlach annoyed us for so long (by not sending a contract, not providing the ordered beverages, closing down our organizing area without telling us etc.) we decided that it's time for a change.
So, please bear with us while we figure out how to deliver the usual enjoyable experience you're expecting at the Ultimate Meeting.«

Entrance fee

type price
regular 35 EUR  
compo ticket 25 EUR  
supporter ticket 75 EUR  

December 2012

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