TRSAC is an acronym for "The Real Scene After Christmas" - a somewhat acerbic comment directed at The Party at the end of the century. In fairness, the TP staff already admitted that the scene had gone out of The Party three years earlier, when they subtitled The Party '96; "The End of an Era". TRSAC was born as an alternative party, and as a home for real sceners, who didn't want to be massively outnumbered by endless rows of Quake-gaming youngsters, who, when they weren't playing LAN-games, were surfing porn and mp3zzz on the network.

This year, we aren't hosting TRSAC after Christmas, but none the less it is still a friendly, scene-only party, where the focus is entirely on fun, friendly competition, and having a good time.

At TRSAC, we'll have some of the usual compos, and some of the not so usual ones. We'll also have amiga gaming, oldskool demoshow by Darkhawk, and free food on Saturday evening. There might even be free drinks as well, thanks to our very nice sponsors, who have also promised some prizes for the compos. Usually, this isn't TRSAC's style, but since the manufacturers of our ducks actually stopped producing them, we are looking into other options :)

We want you to join us for a laugh, a beer and some food - and then to show off your leet skills in the compos. Because we love you, god dammit!!!1!!




Going 6

Puryx dwarf leijaa mentor K-man novel



Horsens Kommune
Central Jutland

Denmark Denmark


Entrance Fee

DKK 100.00 Regular

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