TRSAC is an acronym of 'The Real Scene After Christmas'. The party was founded as a reaction to the lameness of The Party in the late 90s, and a direct reaction to an attempt to screw some of us out of prize money at the time. TRSAC doesn't use money prizes, or for that matter other prizes of significant value. We use ducks.

Facilities & party features

Room for up to 150 people Separate sleeping halls Cafeteria with draft beer, warm food, snacks and more On-site showers Internet and partynetwork Lots of parking space Several live acts

And, once a year, as the autumn turns to Winter, they grow great big horns, gather up their axes, and go raiding in the west, south and east.

editors note (yes edited because without break tags it shows up as a big blob of text) I read that as 'gather up their taxes…' We are back, once again, as we have been since the first party in which we beat you over the head med en kæmpestor grydeske.

Come to Denmark, join us for a celebration of the demoscene, and participate in the, allegedly, finest party on northern grounds since nic0 and Puryx went on runnbrenner-tour in Kongsberg cirka 2000.



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Århus Firma Sport

Paludan-Müllers Vej 110
8200 Aarhus, Region Midtjylland
Denmark Denmark

Photo from Foursquare (uncredited) 2
Photo from Foursquare (uncredited)


Party Series

TRSAC 2016 is a part of Trsac.