We will offer plenty of opportunties to glitter up ypur fall:

  • LIVE ACID COMPETITION: will your tune make people do the conga line?

  • Cheaper flights from Oslo & Stockholm and new flights from Berlin & München directly to Aarhus

  • Beer & Schnapps break - makes you feel like a unicorn… and shit rainbows

  • Plenty of compos - new: Gabber compo!

  • Food included ticket (2 x breakfast, and 1 x dinner)

  • Guaranteed headache and glitter in your hair on Sunday



Going 11

Bombe moqui steam waffle reality404 gasman darya havoc kb_ novel ferris

Interested 1



Århus Firma Sport

Paludan-Müllers Vej 110
8200 Aarhus, Region Midtjylland
Denmark Denmark

Photo from Foursquare (uncredited) 2
Photo from Foursquare (uncredited)


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