We will push the REAL TRSAC once more - We want to have a real party with you <3 (hopefully in 2022, then?)

But, we also want to do something for you all to enjoy, while we cannot have the real thing.

We have not:

  • planned this properly yet (lol, like that is a problem)
  • decided which specific compos we'll have (EXCEPT Live Acid music <3)
  • figured out how to "compete" with Assembly taking place the same weekend (ASM orgas: let's talk about coordination of timetables once again <3)
  • started a batch of pepperschnapps yet

We are hoping to:

  • gather the organizers and a few hangarounds in a garage with bigscreen and a ridiculous large PA
  • figure out how to get a decent Internet connection in the middle of nowhere
  • act like we typically would do at TRSAC (oh shit, we need to start the peppershcnapps brewing soon)
  • stream both sillyness and a few compos for you to enjoy and warm up for TRSAC 2022 (and all other parties hopefully returning to IRL versions next year)

So, expect us to deliver you a good dose of sillyness online during the weekend of October 22nd - 24th this year (we're pretty sure that Twitch is not the place to do so, so hit us up for alternative solutions)

Live Acid music compo will happen! (some way or another) We're considering a few more compos like combined demo and combined intro.

Stay tuned for more info here - and feel free to reach out :)

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