6/19/22, 9:21 PM | by scamp scamp

UC12 Full website launched - REGISTER NOW!

Yeah, we are pretty late - UC12 is going to take place in just two weeks from now. But finally the full website including party registration is launched \o/.

Join us for SEVEN DAYS at our record-breaking outdoor demoparty.

UC has all features of a regular demoparty, this means infrastructure, space and time to work on your releases, an amazing Bigscreen and PA and all that stuff. You can think of UC as a combination of a scener’s summer vacation, a camp to work on releases followed by a extended weekend full of demoparty competitions ranging from traditional to confusingly weird.

In addition, the party is designed to be a playground for installing art. Most importantly there will be plenty of crazy light installations during the night, combined with amazing DJ sets.

Check out the website now. Please note that registration is mandatory and should be done ASAP. There are no tickets at the door, all tickets must be bought in beforehand.

In case you can’t make it for the full week (for example because you can’t get vacation at your job) it’s also fine to join Thursday-Sunday on our Weekend ticket only. This way you get the party minus the vacation ;)

Also please note: Yes, we are vetting registrations, but no, we are NOT “elite only”. We just want to make sure that only sceners that are known to be fun partying with are joining.