Running since 1995, Underground Conference is one of the oldest german demoparties still around. After a few years of interruption due to Breakpoint organizing blocking our resources, in 2006 we now are finally back with our hardcore underground open-air party. An elite-only survival camp, with perfect disorganization and the most useles party features ever.

Website with more info coming soon.




Going 8

FRaNKy scamp kb_ D.Fox Sirrah Bombe mbb Rufus


                                    »View from the Schweizerhaus down to the rhine valley«
                                                                                »At the Schweizerhaus (here you may eat dinner etc)«
                                                                                »Scamp marks the spot where the main party tent will be located«
                                                                                »Yep, lot´s of space...«
                                                                                »This will be the car park«


Party Series

Underground Conference 7 is a part of Underground Conference.