to the 1st time we are organising 'neithernor' party located in weismain/ north bavarian/germany. with 'neithernor' we want gather guys of germany and all over the world, but especially we want to provide 'party newcommers' especially in 'bayern/sachsen/thringen/hessen/bw' to get the expirence of a partyfeeling in their near. but remember: everyone is invited! for all which can't image what's a 'party' read the 'party.faq' file. we don't want a big party like mekka/assembly etc. so we start the 'neithernor' in a little hall in this strange location.



Going 1



Stadthalle Weismain

Hollfelder Straße 11
96260 Weismain, Bayern
Germany Germany


Entrance Fee

DEM35.00 Regular

DEM30.00 Prepay