This year, aswell as the party itself, the WiRED team expended quite a lot as IMPHOBIA and some members of TFL-TDV joined forces with ANTARES in the organising team!

We want the WiRED'95 party to be a really special event! WiRED has to be an event that you scene people will not forget. WiRED '95 will be a SCENE event, it will have all the advantages of a real scene non-commercial event mixed with high competition prizes



Going 5

sparcus DJefke kb_ FRaNKy RedBug


Riga mons

Place du Parc 20
7000 Mons, Région Wallonne
Belgium Belgium


Entrance Fee

BEF 600.00 Regular

BEF 0.00 Girls

Party Series

Wired 1995 is a part of Wired.