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30th Aug 06

OHP Demo Captures Released

High quality captures of all four OHP demos released/performed at Buenzli are now, thanks to demoscene.tv, available for downloading from scene.org. Get those masterpieces and have fun. You can find the download-links on our after-the-party site.

22nd Aug 06

HP Jury Prize: Results

For the second time, the HP Jury Prize was given away at Buenzli. Our independant party-jury decided on two prizes to be spreaded to the best entries to our competitions. The winners are:

Big props to the winners, the jury and of course to HP Invent donating the prizes. We hope our winners have fun with their new hardware.

21st Aug 06

After The Party

Get all the releases, results, report and photos from Buenzli 15! We finally opened up our after-the-party-page containing everything from and about Buenzli 15 we manage to find (the page will get updated often). Enjoy that stuff!

18th Aug 06

Buenzli 15 Ready To Start

Tomorrow, Buenzli 15 will become reality. Are you ready for your journey? We announced a lot of last-minute information at our website inclunding: Hotline number, The discounted compo-watcher ticket, Weather information and more. Bring your awesome releases and join us on Friday in Winterthur/Switzerland.

by poti //
8th Aug 06

Duo Agency Live Performance

The German music-producers/DJs Duo Agency, consisting of Malik Trey and Manfred Fischer (also known as Malik Trey and Gendrift of Nuance) will play a live set at Buenzli 15! Satuday night, 12pm - the time to be there.

8th Aug 06

Unofficial Buenzli 15 Invitation By Marshals

Marshals released an unofficial invitation demo today over at pouet.net. Incorporating elements from our flyer, our party location and a massive soundtrack, this invitation boosts the expectations for Buenzli 15. Download this great production from the Marshals website. Thank you, Marshals, for this excellent support!

1st Aug 06

[dK] Plays Live at Buenzli 15

The Italian electronic hi-tech dark rock band [dK] is going to play live at Buenzli on Satuday night, 10.30 pm. Dixan/MFX/Spinning Kids, one of the main heads in the band, promises to rock the house - no wonder since [dK] actually resembles Depeche Mode and will also play EBM tracks for your pleasure.

1st Aug 06

Buenzli 15 Timetable

Finally we were able to put our timetable online. Check out all the features and when they're taking place. Note that the timetable can of course be subject to changes and is not fixed yet. The party is starting, as usual, on Friday 5pm and ends on Sunday, 1pm - which makes full 44 hours of Buenzli entertainment..

30th Jul 06

Demoscene.TV Covers Buenzli 15

Buenzli 15 is the 5th stop on the big demoscene.tv "Soft Hard where? Everywhere!" Tour 06. Live broadcasts from the party place, all competitions, acts and events on the internet. Be sure to drop in - and tell us about your shadow parties. Thank you, DTV, for your great support again!

25th Jul 06

Competition Machine & Juryprize

Finally our sponsor HP notified us about the high end computer they're donating us - and thus we can finally notifiy you about the specifications of our competition machine. The competition rules got updated with the machine specs.

Since it's a fine tradition at Buenzli to give away the competition machine at the very end of the party, you should also check out our information on the HP jury-prize - and work hard to win it!

24th Jul 06

Friday Night: Video Show

Friday night at Buenzli: It's time for a video show - from wild demos to professional computer animations, from trash to high class art. We will give you some of the best animations that have been made in and around the demoscene and video art scene.

18th Jul 06

Travelling and Sleeping

We finally added hotel information and news about other sleeping facilities to the site! If you don't want to sleep at the Buenzli 15 partyplace, you should definitivley check out that list. Sleeping information page

Also, we heard about prettycheap train fares available to travel from Germany to Zürich. See our train travelling page for the special "Die Bahn" offer (starting from 39 Euro for Frankfurt->Zürich): Travelling information. Now there's nothing speaking against coming to Buenzli 15 anymore.

14th Jul 06

Open Mix Table on Friday

Are you a DJ, a musician, a mixmaster? Buenzli 15 will feature an open mix table on Friday night. We'll provide tables, chairs and a DJ mixer for you to connect your equipment to our sound system. Everybody who thinks he could provide us with some nice, entertaining soundtrack is invited to take part! Also, get in touch with us if you'd like to show visuals during the open mix table session!

21st Jun 06

Best-Of Competitions: HP Jury Prize

Just like last year, HP Invent is supporting Buenzli with a high end workstation PC which is going to be our competition PC. And it's getting even better: Win the Buenzli 15 compo PC in our best-of competition: A demoscene-jury will reward the best releases from all competition entries at Buenzli 15. Competing at Buenzli makes you an aspirant for a high end workstation PC!

8th Jun 06

Buenzli 15 banners & buttons

We've added a new collection of banners and a button! Feel free to use them on your website linking to the Buenzli 15 page! Once you link us, we'll gladly add a backlink to your page, too. Download the images from our Link Us page.

30th Apr 06

Buenzli 15 Reshaped

Welcome to the new and reshaped Buenzli website. Following the good tradition of having a new design every year, we managed to completly adhere the "corporate design" of Buenzli 15 (2006). Most parts of the website are already switched on and are working, just browse around!

25th Apr 06

The Buenzli Fanshop

It was time for something professional. Replacing old, self-hacked code, our new Buenzli fan shop is now online! Buy T-Shirts, DVDs and of course also the famous cowee from our new and classy shop - every single item bought helps us organizing the next edition of the Buenzli event!

17th Apr 06

"Explosive" Buenzli 15 Invitation

At the Breakpoint-Easter weekend, Traction released the Buenzli 15 Invitation Demo called "Explosve". The demo was created by Preacher/Traction (code), Little Bitchard/Kewlers (music), Genox/Calodox (design) and Unlock/Vantage (asskicking). At Breakpoint, this demo reached the 10th end rank (out of ~30 demos!). It runs fine on Windows - download it now and feel invited to the most explosive event of the year 2006!

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