The demo party for oldskool platforms. Only.


Sweden has since 1998 been blessed with the world's greatest summer party, Little Computer People, delivering hot data action for the oldskool crowd year after year. While we are grateful to the Hack'n'Trade posse for having us boozing, computing, and socializing each year, we curse them for the hardcore one year data-abstinence they inflict upon us inbetween each party…

Since we obviously can't get rid of the addiction, we have now decided to accept it and even take it to the next level by doubling the dose! The winter-time withdrawal syndromes has finally come to an end for all you oldskool fanatics: The absolute swedish elite has gathered to bring you the best fucking fix of Amiga/C64/Console axxion ever!


Up Rough Soundsystem, Genesis Project & Divine Stylers hereby invite you to DATASTORM 2010! The ultimate winter party for people operating on machines with SOUL. It's going down on the the 5:th of February 2010 and keeps going until the 7:th of February 2010! Can you dig it?

Partylocation is the city of Gothenburg at the swedish westcoast - the stronghold of the swedish amigascene. The city is easy to reach through two international airports, ferry and train.

The entrance fee is set to 200 SEK (~20E), with dinner included on Saturday and breakfast included on Saturday and Sunday. Only swedish currency accepted.


You know that when we do stuff, we do it right, and this time we have put in extra effort to make that dreary weekend in February something special. The party will be hosted at a night club in an industrial complex, close to the centre of Gothenburg, providing that special mix of roughness and cozyness that we all love. In addition to the tables on which to put your real hardware on, although we allow laptops for cross-dev purposes, we have lounge areas with cozy sofas and arm chairs where you can comfortably sit around and talk about that new cruncherroutine you've been working on for the last decade or whatever…


Having the party at a nightclub is something special. The greatest difference from other small parties is that DATASTORM will feature a proper bar with service-minded personnel that works as long as people are awake and will serve thirsty party freax with an endless supply of beer, wine, and softdrinks. But a party is not just about drinking right? We also hired some cooks that will deliver vegetarian and non-vegeterarian breakfast, dinner, and supper on announced times. When the special meals are not served, barfood like pizza, hummousrolls, falafel and kebab can be ordered as long as the bar is open. Everything to a price that even the scener on a budget can afford! Ofcourse you can also buy snacks, candy and tobacco at all times. And the coffee is free, so you don't fall asleep before your releases are finished in time for the competition!

Here is a list with all features of the party, more stuff might be added in the future so stay tuned!

* Bar open almost 24h with full assortment of cheap beer/wine/softdrinks.  

* 2 Breakfasts and 1 Dinner included in entrance fee, vegeterian alternatives available.  

* A variety of cheap barfood is available anytime.  

* Snacks and tobacco available 24h.  

* Superchill environment with cozy furniture.  

* 6 clean toilets. No queues! Never pee your pants! Freedom!  

* Powerful nightclub soundsystem!  

* Cocktail data - we strive to get the perfect mix of socializing and computing!  


* The grandfather of moduleswappers returns! Slash / Citron. is back! He will bring his customized 
  hippodecks to deliver the finest zak ever written in protracker. Bring your boathorns and your guns! 
  This is one show you don't wanna miss! Pull up selecta! Move Rudebwoy Move!  

* More stuff is coming.. Stay tuned!


The mighty competition is being held at Saturday evening with the winners being presented after midnight.. For detailed info about the compos, head over to [a href="http://www.datastorm.se">http://www.datastorm.se Stay tuned for the announcement of compo-prizes!

The atmosphere when all competitors are present during the compo is unbeatable. Therefore we do not allow remote entries which means that atleast one of the authors of an entry must be present at the party. However, we do allow (and even encourage!) snail mail entries in the Packdisk Open contest, see below for further details.


Head over to http://www.datastorm.se and sign up for the party and find all the info you need, if you don't find it, ask in the forum! You can also reach us via the official party chat: http://uprough.net/cgi-bin/irc/irc.cgi


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Sweden Sweden

Entrance Fee

SEK 200.00 Regular

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