25th Aug 11

Evoke 2011 Roundup: Releases, Photos & Reports

We finally gathered a small roundup of Evoke 2011: Links to Results, Photos and Reports we came across. A small note would be great in case we forgot something.

Feedback on Evoke 2011 is also appreciated: please drop us a note so we can make next year´s Evoke even better. Meanwhile see you at all the other nice demoparties! 

14th Aug 11

Evoke goes on: at Platine Cologne

Want to see more from Evoke? Your chance is at Platine Cologne 2011 festival, 15th to 19th of August. Each day from 19 to 23 o´clock we will show a nice demo selection featuring the best releases from Evoke. The festival is all over Cologne Ehrenfeld. The location featuring Evoke is DQE - Design Quartier Ehrenfeld. See you there! 

14th Aug 11

Evoke 2011 is over

Thanks a lot to everyone (the other organizers, our partners, live acts, visitors and those who contribute in the compos) for making this one of the best Evoke editions in history: 2011 will be a great year to remember!

While we are still very storno-ed take a look at the results (insane logo by zorro/lo´pro^cro), first releases on and some impressions on flickr. 

We will add more great stuff from Evoke 2011 within the next days. 

11th Aug 11

More music acts at Evoke!

Only one day left - and we can announce some more DJs from Cologne that will make your stay more enjoyable. On Friday, DNKR and Dipswitch from Basspräsidium Records will spin some dubby bass vibes, and during Saturday, Brian de la Cruz and Jens3n will play some minimal and house for you. And don't forget that there are also DJ Storno and glxblt to look forward to! See here for more info on Evoke's musical programme. By the way, some copies of the new Basspräsidium 12" compilation (featuring dipswitch & DNKR) will be there to win in the music compos - so go and finish your tunes!

10th Aug 11

cellu l'art


We are partnering with the Jena/Germany based filmfestival cellu l'art. The cellu l’art Short Film Festival is heading towards its 12th edition this year. From April 12th to 17th they are going to present short films in the international competition. 
You are invited to send in your material in due course for the 12th Short Film Festival “cellu l'art” in Jena / Germany.
The winners of our international competition will be elected by a jury of professionals from the film industry, journalists as well as colleagues from other festivals.
More information at

We are partnering with the Jena/Germany based filmfestival cellu l'art. The cellu l'art Short Film Festival is heading towards its 12th edition this year. From April 12th to 17th they are going to present short films in the international competition. This year they will also accept demos.

When you submit your demo or intro to the Evoke competitions you will have the choice to automatically submit your contribution to the cellu l'art festival. All you need to do is to tick a checkbox.


9th Aug 11

Louie / TBL will hold a seminar at Evoke

Louie / TBL presents a detailed overview of the new lighting system implemented in DICEs Frostbite 2 engine and how it enables us to stretch the boundaries of lighting in BATTLEFIELD 3 with its highly dynamic, varied and destructible environments. Louie will discuss the technical implementation of the art direction in BATTLEFIELD 3, the workflows we created for it as well as how all the individual lighting components fit together: deferred rendering, HDR, dynamic radiosity and particle lighting.

Join the seminar on Evoke and learn something while waiting for the compos to start!


7th Aug 11

DG-i sponsors Evoke (+BBQ)

We are glad to announce that our friends from DG-i are sponsoring this years Evoke. They not only support Evoke finacially but also understand what makes Evoke so special. That is why they decided to enhance on of Evoke's features: the BBQ. There will be free sausages for everyone at the DG-i BBQ. 

Thank you very much DG-i.


3rd Aug 11

Younger than 18?

If you are younger than 18 and consider to visit Evoke, then please note that we highly appreciate that, but because of legal issues, we can not let you into the party place without a declaration of consent filled out by your parents. Please get in touch with us and we'll provide you with the necessary info.

26th Jul 11

Twice the fun - just one ticket [Updated]

Since 2003 we are offering a great discount for those who love demopartying. This year something is different though: Buenzli is now labeled demodays 2011 and has it´s new location in Olten/Switzerland. 

We will still provide a nice discount for those who visit both Evoke and demodays this year. Just buy the combined ticket at Evoke for both parties and get a 5 Euro discount (the price for demodays in Euro has not been disclosed yet). 

Update: The price for the combined ticket will be 75 Euro (instead of approx. 80 Euro)

22nd Jul 11

glxblt at Evoke

We are proud to present glxblt, who will play a set on Friday night. The Finnish drum'n'bass wonder has rocked many demoparties, including Breakpoint, Revision and Assembly. This year we are very glad to have him back at Evoke (after he made such an impression on ravers from within and without the demoscene alike at Evoke Tracks a few years back), delivering an energetic neurofunk set for you all to get in party mood.

14th Jul 11

Travelling, lilfts and accommodation

As it´s already the third year in the AbenteuerhallenKalk, you probably have figured out a nice way from your castle over to the party location. For all the others here is information on how to reach Evoke by plane (cheap flights going from a lot of European cities to Cologne), car, train and busses.

In case you happen to have a seat left in your car or just don´t want to go by train all alone: just add an entry to our lifts database. Use the same link if you need a lift to Evoke.

For those of you who do not want to sleep at the party place we gathered a list of nice hotels around the location. Drop us a note if your favourite hotel is be missing (we are really looking forward to some feedback hotelwise). 

13th Jul 11

DJ Storno at Evoke

We are pleased to announce that DJ Storno will be playing once again at this year's Evoke, after having blown everyone's mind with his energetic bleepy tunes last year. Storno, of Bleepstreet Records and A MAZE fame, will blast your ears on the democompo night. You'll find more info on him here. More live acts are to be announced, keep your eyes open.

26th Jun 11

Supporter Ticket

If you want to support your favourite demoparty, which happens to be Evoke. You can, for the first time this year, buy our new "Supporter Ticket". You will be able to pay in advance, get a correct invoice for your payment and receive a "free" shirt at the party. So if you'd like to up the amount of prizemoney or simply have too much money, you can now invest in Evoke and we will be grateful. See all the information here.

26th Jun 11

Website for Evoke 2011 has been launched

As Evoke 2011 is only one and a half months away: finally here is the accompanying website. We have gathered the first information for you, added a page to register and looking forward to your feedback via #evoke_eu at twitter. More information will be added in the next days.

11th Aug 10

Entrance fee at 35 Euro

So how much of a weight does all of Evoke pull out of your wallet this year? Just like last year it will be 35 Euro for the whole weekend! It includes: watching demos with your friends, a chair, a table seat, a barbecue area and some nice events. Be prepared to hear of some special offers in the next few days!

More about this in the next few days.

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