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13th Aug 14

Evoke 2014 is over

Evoke 2014 is history! And what a history it was: With more than 450 visitors and really strong entries throughout all compos we had a really great party in Cologne, again. Fine live acts and well received seminars on top. Just the weather needs a little bit of tuning for next year ;)

Thank you to everyone who made this possible! 

For those of you who are looking for results, releases, photos and reports we are setting up an after party round-up page. Drop us a note if something is missing there.

In addition we are looking forward to your feedback: please, get in touch with us on all the small and big things we could improve. 

See you in 2015! Or at one of the upcoming demoparties around the globe!

8th Aug 14


We would really love to hear your thoughts on the party.

Please tag your Twitter, Instagram, Vines, G+ & Flickr posts with #evoke2014. 

Those posts might even show up on our social media wall (the small screen on the right side of the main screen). So do posts to the pouet oneliner (find out) or to our irc channel.

8th Aug 14


Evoke is live! Everything is built up and even the first visitors are here.

If you would like to follow the party we have set up a live coverage page for your pleasure.

Sooner or later it will contain the SceneSat-Stream. Beneath that we have some official twittering by us plus your thought on the party (use the #evoke2014 hashtag). In addition the page features the upcoming events from the timetable plus #evoke2014 photos from Instagram. 

And don't forget to add our ical calendar to your favorite calendaring software to keep up with what is happening at Evoke. We will try our best to update it when bigger delays should occur. 

5th Aug 14

More love for the ANSI/ASCII (and other) competitions - ACiD supports Evoke

We are proud that ACiD productions, the ANSI powerhouse, joined the ranks of Evoke sponsors. 

This means, that if you take part in the ANSI/ASCII, pixel graphics or freestyle graphics competitions you have the chance to win one of their awesome looking beanies.


3rd Aug 14

Dinos Derbe Demoschau

It is becoming a tradition! Just like last year we will have Dinos Derbe Demoschau to heat you up on Friday evening. 

Dino – our fellow outreach specialist – will present a fine selection of the demoscene highlights from the last years.

We are 100% confident you will enjoy this! Friday evening, starting at nine!

2nd Aug 14

The demoscene as subject to academic teaching and research

Judith Ackermann, lecturer in media studies at the University of Siegen, and her students will talk about the integration of the demoscene into the curriculum of Germany’s media degree courses.

Read more about this seminar – which will happen on Saturday at 12:00 – on the event page.

2nd Aug 14

Deep Silver FISHLABS sponsors EVOKE 2014 and looks for new talent!

As an esteemed mobile games developer with various top titles out in the wild and numerous high-profile projects in the pipeline, Deep Silver FISHLABS are always looking for new talent to join their 60-strong team of mobile mavens. And what better place to find such guys than EVOKE 2014?

If you’re a passionate gamer and a talented coder, artist, game designer or producer, then check out their vacancies at http://www.dsfishlabs.com/jobs/ and get in touch with them as soon as you can. You can either write them an email to jobs@dsfishlabs.com or say „Hi!“ in person at EVOKE.

1st Aug 14

Lug00ber will be playing!

On the after-compo night, we got basshead and breakbeat afficionado lug00ber to keep you raving. For over a decade he has been championing the sound of powerful bass and massive beats, providing soundtracks for a string of great demos and releasing music through Dub Monkey Records and Nordic Breakbeat Conspiracy (yes, they got their own label too). Back in his home town of Oslo, Norway, he is also a resident DJ at the weekly SubPub night at underground club Maksitaksi. Expect a soulful selection of nice and rolling tunes fit for a summer night, with some occasional thwacks from the Norse bass hammer in between to keep you on your toes. Put on your dancing shoes and share the after compo buzz with us and lug00ber. 

1st Aug 14

HarikaZen sponsors EVOKE 2014!

Participate in one of the graphics competition categories Ansi/Ascii and/or Pixel, and have the chance to win a kit with a voucher for a t-shirt of your choice and a bundle of stickers.

You can claim your prize either at the party place (while stock lasts), or online through their webshop at shop.harikazen.com.

For everyone else: The code EVOKE2014 gives you 15% off your order at shop.harikazen.com. This promotion is valid throughout 1st-14th August 2014.

If you plan to visit Evoke, and place an order any time before or latest during saturday night, you can get it personally delivered to the party place, perhaps by a man in a zebra suit, who most definitely will also throw in a free gift!

A winner is you! \o/

You are welcome to visit the HarikaZen stand at the party place to browse their products during the weekend.

HarikaZen was founded in 2013, and is currently creating Amiga ascii influenced designs for t-shirts, stickers, and high quality prints. Follow them on Facebook and @HarikaZen on Twitter.

1st Aug 14

Seminar on Bitbanging Video on a Microcontroller

On Saturday at 16:00 the makers of Everykey (a Cortex M3 based stamp-sized microcontroller board that’s roughly comparable to Arduino) will hold a seminar on VGA and how to generate it by software. Anyone still awake afterwards will have the opportunity to solder together and program their own VGA demo hardware.

Read more about it on our events page.

30th Jul 14

Dissecting Odyssey & Hardwired by Fasih Sayin

Fasih Sayin from Crytek Istanbul will be looking at the classic Crionics and Silents demo and compare it to Alcatraz´ work from a professional story telling point of view.

Be there in our seminar area on Saturday at 19:00. Read more about it on our event page.

28th Jul 14

Seminar on the Cultural Commons Collecting Society

We have invited Wolfgang & m.eik to discuss the Cultural Commons Collecting Society (C3S SCE) with you: they will give you an insight on what this next generation collecting society is, answer your most burning questions & discuss your wildest ideas! 

Be part of it on Saturday at 13:00 and read more about their seminar on the events page.

25th Jul 14

PrEvoke is happening – in a new location

Arriving at Evoke early? Already on Thursday? Looking forward to have a beer with other sceners and even some of the Evoke organizers? Then join on – for the third time – at prevoke: the unofficial pre party!

This year the pre party is happening at a new location: the hackerspace by Chaos Computer Club Cologne (C4) in Ehrenfeld. And its is just some tram stops away from AbenteuerhallenKalk.

Just take a look at the official homepage and see you there! Thanks to Topy for organizing!

23rd Jul 14

BLEEPSTREET Labelnight - The Lineup!

So, finally we can share with you the amazing lineup for Friday's musical action! BLEEPSTREET will rock Evoke's first night with five of their finest musicians. REMUTE (DE), HENRY HOMESWEET (UK), JE DEVIENS DJ EN 3 JOURS (FR), COMPUTADORA (DE) and TRIPPY-H (CL) will get your feet moving. See our events page for more info. Also, there's a facebook event for social media freaks. Keep your eyes open for more musical announcements in the next days! 

21st Jul 14

Younger than 18

If you are younger than 18 and consider to visit Evoke, then please note that we highly appreciate that, but because of legal issues, we can not let you into the party place without a declaration of consent filled out by your parents. Please get in touch with us and we'll provide you with the necessary info.

18th Jul 14

Combined Ticket

In 2003 Buenzli and Evoke were proud to be the first parties to bring you a combined ticket for both events! Eleven years later we still stick to this tradition. Since Buenzli or Demodays - as it is called these days -  takes place just two weeks after Evoke we once again decided to make it easy for you to visit both of those great parties. If you plan to visit Evoke aswell as Buenzli, then you should ask for the combined ticket at the Evoke infodesk. The ticket will be cheaper than the sum of the single tickets. 

Just stay in cologne after Evoke and enjoy events like GDC Europe, Respawn - gathering of game developers or Gamescom before you travel on to switzerland to conclude your more than two weeks of non-stop partying!

16th Jul 14

Jerobeam Fenderson

While the BLEEPSTREET line-up is still in the making, we are proud to announce another exciting live act: Jerobeam Fenderson from Graz (Austria). Jerobeam Fenderson visualizes electronic sounds and noise patterns with an analogue oscilloscope. In an attempt to get the closest possible correlation of image and sound, these compositions are not only designed for their aural components, but also take into account their shape, as the oscilloscope shows an exact representation of the physical waveforms. For more info and sounds, see our events page.

11th Jul 14


BLEEPSTREET Records, the label that gave you Computadora (Evoke 2013) and DJ Storno (Evoke 2010 + 2011), have something very special planned for this year's Evoke. For the whole Friday night, they will have the outdoor area for themselves to bang your ears and move your feet with chip tech vibes! Several international BLEEPSTREET artists are going to give their best - keep your eyes open for the line-up to be announced next week! 

10th Jul 14

Old Evoke Guestbooks

Remember the times when you registered for a demoparty not on the net beforehand, but at the spot on a piece of paper? We have digitised Evoke's old guestbooks from 1999, 2003 and 2012, so you can have a look at the funny doodles and adventurous handles. We hope to see you signing up this year too!

29th Jun 14

Competition rules online

After – by accident – last year´s competition rules have been online for a day or two we now have put the 2014 edition online.

Complete, with the palette for the Pixel Graphics Competition as well as the sample for One-Sample Tracked Music competition. Just the specs for the compo machine are pending.

Please, get in touch with us for whatever questions you might have.

17th Jun 14

Enjoy this website as much as we do

Just two months ahead of Evoke 2014 we finally unveil this year's webpage!

As you might remember from the last years: the information at the moment is quite sparse, but more stuff will be added shortly. Make sure you register, so your friends and groupmates know you are coming.

Within the next few days and weeks we will add more information on compos (especially rules & sample for the One-Sample Tracked Music Compo and the palatte for the Pixel Graphics Compo) as well as events and seminars. Stay tuned!

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