redcrab: 2022-01-11 12:48 Fjälldata 2022 is cancelled due to the latest corona restrictions in Sweden. There won’t be an online version either so all compos are postponed until next year for the 2023 edition. -We’ll be back! Take care <3

  • CSDB

Small demoparty in the northern part of Sweden with main focus on c64. The compos will start at Saturday 21:30 local time, and will be streamed


  • Original music - Specify 8580 or 6581 and song length
  • Cover music - Specify 8580 or 6581 and song length
  • Graphics - All formats ok, 1 still frame. Specify format, and sources if used.
  • Demos - Should be runnable on stock c64+u1541 PAL.

We don't have a runtime limit for music or demos, but we might take action if the crowd yells "space" during very lengthy contributions :)

Remote entries accepted and encouraged!

Send your executables to before 1700 UTC 2022-02-19 (1800 local time) and if you don't get a responding message in reasonable time please contact redcrab or Norrland via Facebook Messenger or PM at csdb to make sure we got it.

There will as usual be nice prices in all compos, and we do send them to remote winners too




Östersunds Kommun

Sweden Sweden


Party Series

Fjälldata 2022 is a part of Fjälldata.