Nordlicht is a brand new demoparty in the city of Bremen in Northern Germany. We invite you to a weekend full of demoscene goodness in a cozy atmosphere and with lots of sunshine (hopefully!)

Party Features:

  • Space for about 50 sceners (including 20 pc table spaces)

  • Large outdoor area with BBQ grill, fireplace (lots of firewood) and large pavillon

  • A very decent PA sound system and lovely bigscreen

  • Party Network for all your competition entries (we accept remote entries!)

  • Two cozy rooms inside the house with a bar that sells drinks and stuff

  • Free coffee for all our visitors

  • Plenty of competitions, retro gaming tournament, Demoshow and more

So pack up your stuff and come to Bremen this summer, bring your compo entries and help us make this a party to remember!




Going 10

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Interested 1




Tierisch gut! Ob groß oder klein, kurz- oder langhaarig, gefiedert oder geschuppt. Im Sortiment von DAS FUTTERHAUS findet sich für jedes Heimtier das Passende!

In der Vahr 55
28329 Vahr, Vahr, Bremen
Germany Germany



Entrance Fee

€18.00 Regular

€15.00 No Pc

Party Series

Nordlicht 2012 is a part of Nordlicht.