Nordlicht 2013 happens 19th - 21st July! Set in the "Westend" building in lovely Bremen, offering you this and much more:

Main hall with space for 100 demosceners (chairs & tables for everyone) Disco / party room with bar (our team will sell you drinks at fair prices again) Chillout areas all around the place (for taking a break away from the noisy hall) Separate sleeping room (sleep, what is that?) A Kitchen (for us orgas to prepare stuff) 15 friendly organizers who will look after you ^^ Plenty of competitions - categorized into old- and newschool. Two bigscreens, live DJ acts and performances, free tea and coffee and the famous BBQ session outside!

Tickets will be €25 each, available online only! (as soon as the website launches, give it a few days please!)

We're hoping to see you in July! \o/




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Kulturwerkstatt Westend

Waller Heerstr. 294
28219 Bremen, Bremen
Germany Germany

                                    »The Kulturwerkstatt Westend«
                                    »The main hall.«


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