Holland's longest running demoscene event welcomes you to a countryside location with complimentary beds, culinary delights, crazy cheap drinks, cool dj's and liveacts, competitions for all platforms, and craptastic prizegiving ceremonies at 11:30.



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Saga+Musix havoc Haohmaru Alpha+C Shifter TMC%5BROLE%5D IndustrialPope faxe steam Madame poti Santa D.Fox %C3%8E%C2%B6%C3%8F%E2%80%A1%C3%8F%CB%86%C3%8F%E2%80%B0%C3%8E%C2%B2 randomi moqui mog Ikilledher PrincessLuna jenni Princess+Knoeki gasman franky--

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firthy2002 Grazey UKKO



Stokkelen 43
5521 ND Eersel, Noord-Brabant
Netherlands Netherlands

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Entrance Fee

75 EUR Regular With Food

55 EUR Prepay

65 EUR Regular

Party Series

Outline 2014 is a part of Outline.